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The Postillion Convention Centre Paul van Vlissingenstraat 8, 1096 BK, Amsterdam
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Over the last year there has been real change. Some change was planned and expected. But we also experienced monumental change that we never envisaged happening. From the political world, to the technological, all aspects of the workplace either have, or will be affected by the actions of 2016. No one can avoid the inevitable tidal wave of new tools and applications, nor escape the ever growing expectations of the new savvy generation in the workplace. But change is good. With change brings the ability to innovate. HR will be given the creative license to determine their role and carve out their own path of collaboration with technology and machines to create a harmonious and high performing workplace. HR must evolve, as the risk of becoming obsolete is high, but rather than spell the end of the human resources function, opportunities for growth will be embodied. As always, trends from the past year will continue to play a part in forming 2017’s future. With an ever competitive working landscape, employers are continuously searching for ways to distinguish themselves as a top company to work for, and that comes down to culture. Ranging from health and wellbeing, both mental and physical, to organisational design, to fostering innovation, to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, to developing social leaders, to being a learning organisation, no company wants to be left behind in securing the best possible candidates. The need to adopt a continuous innovation model will be critical to this in 2017. With this in mind, HR Vision will make a triumphant return to Amsterdam on the 7-8 June with a focus on how digitisation, technology, AI, and robotics are changing the way we work, role of HR and how you can prepare for it.


The program runs on the 7th of June from 08.15 till 20.00. At the 8th of June the program runs from 17.00. Find the complete timetable in this brochure.

NVP-leden will have a discount of € 1999,- (which is 100% if you choose for option III: Delegate Ticket). This ticket includes:

  • Full access to all learning sessions across 4 tracks throughout the 2 days
  • Full participation in the roundtable discussions & focused workshops
  • Full access to networking system prior and during the event (schedule individual 20 minutes meetings to take place at specific times at the event with speakers, other HR practitioners or innovative solutions providers, whichever you prefer)
  • Full access to all networking areas throughout the event
  • Lunch, snacks and refreshments throughout the event

To sign in with the discount register at https://hr-vision-amsterdam.marcom-ace.com, access code isguest.

The Postillion Convention Centre Paul van Vlissingenstraat 8, 1096 BK, Amsterdam

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