The HR Congress in Nice 19-20 November

HR Congress
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The HR Congress is more than just a conference – a place for senior HR professionals to meet and discuss the latest trends across the world of work. It’s more than just an international learning environment for subject matter experts. It’s more than just a place to experience great networking and social opportunities with like-minded peers.

It’s a place for all of this – but most importantly, it’s a place where we will join forces to craft and
design the people-centric organizations of tomorrow. It’s a place where we will build organizations that are more agile, adaptive, responsive, ethical, and successful.

Courtesy of the sponsor of the HR Congress, there are 20 free VIP tickets available. To register for the HR Congress please visit: https://hr-congress.com/buy-tickets and please use coupon code: MYVIP

For more information about the HR Congress please visit www.hr-congress.com.



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